EJLLS Publication

Title: Wilderness Writing: Tackling the Depletion of the Nigerian Rainforest
Author(s): Chinedu OGOKE
Abstract: In Nigeria, every effort is being made since the colonial periods to build structures similar to what is thought to be prevalent elsewhere. Interestingly, in the advanced countries, there are strict laws governing land use. The aim of this research is to encourage natives of these places not to let the degradation in the forests get to a point when their ancestral lands would be lost. It is also a reminder to writers of the attachment their calling has with nature. Romantics like John Keats, William Wordsworth and Mary Shelley write about areas overlaid with plants. Without designating environmental issues the right status, literary studies will be deprived of very beneficial growth. With the resoluteness writers are known for, their efforts would be impactful. It is hoped that with this contribution, the regulations protecting forests elsewhere in the world will apply in Nigeria. Various governments will in effect be influenced to regulate various activities going on in the forests. It is recommended that governments in Nigeria should restart the forestation programs that was the norm in the past. The method used is by direct observation and by collating information on various research works on the destruction of the global eco-system. Finally, I demonstrate how I can practically make my own contribution. Materials for the essay are taken from relevant publications, newspaper articles and personal experiences. Attention is paid to the benefits of having a rich eco system, effects of urbanization and logging in places like Bayelsa and Cross River states.
Keywords: postcolonialism, rainforest, logging, poets, ecosystem, eco-criticism