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Title: Teaching and Learning Use of English in Nigerian Institutions of Higher Learning
Author(s): Smart Chijioke ACHAZIE & Immanuel IWUOHA
Abstract: This paper attempts to examine the nature of the English language in Nigerian institutions of higher learning with a view to highlighting its importance and bringing to fore the concern about the poor usage of the English language by students of institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. In this regard, this paper identifies the reason(s) behind this development by probing some identifiable impediments to effective teaching and learning of English in Nigeria tertiary institutions. The major source of data collection for this paper is observation. This paper finds out that students, school authorities and lecturers from other disciplines constitute obstacle to effective teaching and learning of English language in our tertiary institutions. Following observations made, this study recommends that students should show interest and be more serious to learn English language. The paper, therefore, concludes that the teaching and learning of English Language courses in institutions of higher learning has proved to be useful in equipping the students with the rudiments of learning other courses taught in English Language and that with the support and cooperation of all parties (students, lecturers and school authorities), the teaching and learning of English Language courses will be worthy experience.
Keywords: teaching, learning, english, nigerian, higher, institutions