EJLLS Publication

Title: Music in Early Childhood Education: A Tool for Language Literacy Development
Author(s): Ogechukwu J. OKEKE & Chinedu R. OKORO
Abstract: Music is an essential element in early child language literacy development. However, Caregivers, parents and teachers have placed little emphasis on the use of music during preschool period. This may be often due to lack of understanding of the importance of music in children language literacy development. Thus, this paper explores the roles of music in early childhood language literacy development. Researches on the importance of music in literacy development have also been extensively reviewed in this work. The paper concludes that music is a good technique that enhances language development of the early child. Thus, it is recommended that music should be used by caregivers, parents and teachers in teaching the early child so as to enhance his or her language literacy development
Keywords: Early childhood Education, Music, Language literacy development