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Title: Media and Poetry from the Perspective of Arabic Literature in Nigeria
Author(s): Maisalati Ahmad Abdullahi
Abstract: Literature of all societies is said to have interrelated and shared similar features, with which is being characterized. That is why there is venturing of societal and traditional peculiarities from one society to another, with the view to imbibing the ideas of one another in the field of literature. Hence, poetry as a genre of literature is the most powerful and applicable to all activities and performances of life. It encompasses the media aspect since the time immemorial, especially in the era of the ancient Arabs. Therefore, the aims and objectives of this paper is to ascertain that media is often carried out in the Arabic poems in the Arabic literature and make some relationship between the ancient Arabs and the contemporary ways of disseminating information through the media in Nigeria. In view of this, this paper concentrates on Ilorin as a case study where two scholars were chosen, for their works on media, and highlighted under three major headings. The methodology adopted for this write up is historical and analytical method, and finally, the findings of this study are (i) poetry is widely used to the extent that covers the media aspect at all age, (ii) poetry is imbibed by the northern part of Nigeria among those who understand Arabic language.
Keywords: Media, Poetry, Arabic Perspectives, Ancient Arab, Literary Criticism