EJLLS Publication

Title: Implicature of Temporal Themes in the Clause Structure of President Buhari’s 2019 Democracy Day Speech
Author(s): A. A. AGANTIEM & Bilkisu ADAMU
Abstract: Being a means of political communication for political influence and gains, language is manoeuvred by government and its functionaries. And of course, since grammatical form serves also as a meaning-making resource, it is expected that its use be evaluated to ascertain its role in determining political influence and outcomes. The temporal themes as foregrounded in the clause structure of President Buhari’s 2019 democracy day speech is evaluated in this work with an application of textual meaning analysis and Levinson’s (2000) postulation on Generalised Conversational Implicature, to understand the implications of the use of such clause structures in the message conveyed in the text. It is deduced that indeed the temporal themes employed are granted the role of prominence to control and guide the audience to specific times referred in order to remind of the President’s achievements, his perceived failures of previous government, the present efforts and the expected gains of his administration. The implication of the thematisation of the temporal element instead of the usual structural patterns of an English declarative clause sets to influence the audience toward recognising the achievements within timelines.
Keywords: Language, Implicature, Clause structure, Theme, Rheme, Speech