EJLLS Publication

Title: Igbo Oral Literature: Thematic and Didactic Study of Three Genres
Author(s): Nneka Justina EZE
Abstract: This paper discusses three genres of Igbo oral literatures; the thematic and didactic measures that portray cultural life style as it reflects the code of conduct, self discipline, and beliefs about Igbo values in the family and in the society at large. Furthermore, the roles of Igbo oral literature with regard to; its entertainment role to children, its role of reproving and corrective measures, its role of advising and encouraging them are considered. It comes in form of traditional story, drama and song. Igbo literature is the theoretical/historical and practical history of their tribe made visual, whereby their life style is showcased in diverse ways, for advice, instruction, correction and reprove since the essence of oral literature is to positively affect the lives of people by imparting or transmitting certain positive norms, values and behaviors. The data for this study was collected through oral interviews from some aged/elders of some selected villages in Igbo land and the researcher’s personal opinion as an Indigene of Igbo land. The data was analyzed and conclusion was drawn from there. Igbo oral literature has a lot to do/impart in the lives of the new generation of Igbo especially the pupils, students (youngsters) to mould their lives positively as bounded by the Igbo culture. This paper therefore examines the role of Igbo literature and its contributions on Education in the society especially as it affects people’s lives and moral enhancement in the nation building.