EJLLS Publication

Title: Exceptional Case-Marking of Nps in Lokaa
Author(s): Onun Ewa Ubi
Abstract: Ordinary, the SPEC-II position of infinitive clauses contains an empty category (EC), PRO, rather than a substantive (lexical) NP. There are, however, instances where the subjects of infinitive clauses may contain an overt NP under certain circumstances. The SPEC-II position of such infinitives that houses a substantive NP must be Case-marked in accordance with the Case-filter requirement. In this study therefore, exception to the Case-marking principles is examined in Lokaa. Lokaa is a language spoken in central part of Cross River State. It is observed that some verbs of the matrix clause can govern an overt NP in the non-finite clause, assigning Accusative Case to it. Such verbs were identified in Lokaa and used for the explication of this phenomenon. The prepositional complementizer [?g] ‘for’ is also adjudged to license lexical NPs in the [NP, IP] of the non-finite clause. This paper, which is organized in six sub-parts for ease of reference beginning with an introduction and ending with a conclusion, recommends more studies in Lokaa syntax in order to help push the research frontiers further and even beyond the limits covered by this paper.