EJLLS Publication

Title: Borrowing to Enrich Language Vocabulary: Lesson from the Igbo Language
Author(s): Christopher Ajah
Abstract: Languages all over the world are involved in linguistic or word borrowing from many aspects of donor language cultures like Food, Dressing, Technology, Agriculture and many others. Although, for every linguistic community, there are peculiar needs that give rise to linguistic borrowing that results in vocabulary elaboration. Igbo language, which is a major speech community in the Kwa group of Niger Kordofanian family, came into contact with other ethnic groups or languages uch as, Efik, Igala, Yoruba, Hausa as well as Great Britain and was influenced by these contacts culturally, religiously, socially and indeed, linguistically. The influence of these contacts with other languages, results into borrowing of words for its vocabulary elaboration which often result to the birth of foreign structure and forms. This situation makes a language either to lose its original forms and structure or to have a mixture of foreign forms and structure. This paper therefore, emphasized that languages (Igbo language inclusive) borrow to enrich its vocabulary (because, no language vocabulary is complete) to fill in the gap of lack of words for foreign culture, ideas, practice, item and name, and also to represent new ideas.
Keywords: borrowing, enrich, igbo