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  • That on behalf of all co-authors, the corresponding author shall take complete responsibility for the submission and its correspondence, and the Publisher cannot be held responsible for any incomplete or incorrect manuscript submitted by the corresponding author(s);
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Without prejudice to your rights as author as stated below, you undertake that the fully reference-linked version of your article will not be published elsewhere without prior written consent. You assert and retain the following rights. These rights are personal to you and your co-author(s) and cannot be transferred by you to anyone else.

  1. The right to copyright, and we will acknowledge this in the copyright line that appears on your article.
  2. The right to use your own article in the following ways, as long as you do not sell it in ways that would conflict directly with our efforts to disseminate it.
  3. The right to post the manuscript version or the digital e-copy of your article on your personal, your institute’s, company’s or funding agency’s website and/or in an online repository as long as you give acknowledgement (by inserting a citation) to the version as published in the journal and a link is inserted to the published article on the website of our journal.
  4. The right to use the article, in whole or in part, as the basis for your own further publications or spoken presentations.
  5. The right to share with colleagues copies of the article in its published form as supplied to you by us as a digital e-copy or printed copies on a non-commercial basis.
  6. The right to make printed copies of all or part of the article on a non-commercial basis for use by you or your colleagues or your institution for lecture or classroom purposes provided that such copies are not offered for sale or distributed in any systematic way, and provided that acknowledgement to prior publication in the Journal is given.
  7. The right to include the article in a thesis or dissertation that is not to be published commercially, provided that acknowledgement to prior publication in the Journal is given.
  8. The right to present the article at a conference or a meeting and to distribute printed copies of the article to the delegates attending the meeting provided that it is on non-commercial basis and that acknowledgement to prior publication in the Journal is given.
  9. The right to use the article in its published form in whole or in part without revision or modification in personal compilations, or other publications of your own work, provided that acknowledgement to prior publication in the Journal is given.
  10. The right o expand your article into book-length form for publication provided that acknowledgement to prior publication in the journal is made explicit. Where permission is sought to re-use an article in a book or edited collection on a commercial basis a fee will be due, payable by the publisher of the new work. Where you as the author of the article have had the lead role in the new work (that is, you re the author or the editor of the edited collection), fee will be waived. In any case, acknowledgement to prior publication in the Journal should be made explicit, as shown below.


This <chapter/book> is derived in part or wholly from an article published in Ebonyi Journal of Language and Literary Studies 2018, available online:

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